What Do You Use Argan Oil to Treat?


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Argan oil has been used as a health and beauty product for thousands of years, primarily to treat dry hair, skin and nails. The oil contains both antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

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What Do You Use Argan Oil to Treat?
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Applied to hair, argan oil can strengthen, prevent breaks, reduce frizz and increase shine and manageability. Rich fatty acids and extremely high levels of vitamin E make it an efficient skin moisturizer, especially applied to damp skin after washing. Users have reported that argan oil can help balance the oils in facial skin, meaning it can be used even by people with grease-prone complexions.

Argan oil’s antioxidant properties have led to it being used as an immune system booster. Other health benefits include soothing arthritis, rheumatism and general muscle inflammation. There is even evidence that men who take argan oil can see improved triglycerides levels and therefore reduced likelihood of cardiovascular disease.

There are records as early as 1550 B.C. of the people in Morocco using argan oil to beautify their bodies, and while it is now possible to buy synthetic products that contain argan oil, the pure form is still made by hand using traditional methods. This laborious process delivers a high-quality substance, but only in small quantities, which is why it’s so valuable.

Since argan oil is a 100 percent natural product, it is a great choice for those seeking effective health and beauty benefits while reducing their chemical intake.

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