How Do You Use Aquage Transforming Paste?

How Do You Use Aquage Transforming Paste?

To use Aquage Transforming Paste, place a pea-sized amount in one hand, rub your hands together, flip the head upside down, distribute the product throughout the hair and blast the head with warm air from a blow dryer. This 10-minute procedure requires Aquage Transforming Paste, a blow dryer, hairspray and a mirror

  1. Dispense the product

    Dispense a pea-sized amount of Aquage Transforming Paste into your hand.

  2. Emulsify the paste

    Rub your hands together until the paste melts and emulsifies.

  3. Apply the product

    Flip the head upside down, and run your fingers through the hair.

  4. Blast hair with a blow dryer

    Keep the head upside down, and blast the hair with a blow dryer on the warm setting. Tousle the hair with your fingers as you use the dryer.

  5. Polish the style

    Turn off the blow dryer, and return the head to an upright position. Use your fingers to fine-tune the style.

  6. Apply additional paste

    Extremely coarse hair often benefits from a second application of Transforming Paste. Carefully squeeze out a dab of paste the same approximate size as a grain of rice. Rub your hands together, distribute it throughout the hair and blow dry again.

  7. Apply hairspray

    Seal the style with a fine mist of strong hairspray fortified with silicone. This is most important in humid weather and when working with naturally curly hair.