How Do You Use a 3-Barrel Waver?

How Do You Use a 3-Barrel Waver?

A triple-barrel waver or curling iron produces loose, beachy curls. It works something like a crimping iron, but the three barrels allow more defined curls.

  1. Section the hair

    Pin up the top sections of your hair so you can work on bottom layers first. Section out a 1-inch hair strand. Spray it with a heat-protecting hair spray.

  2. Curl the hair

    Starting about 2 inches from the top of your head, place the strand of hair in the triple-barrel waver. The hair should go over the middle barrel, with the outside barrels holding it in place. Clamp the waving iron down on the hair and hold for five to 10 seconds, then release. Without removing the strand of hair, slide the waving iron down the strand so that the topmost barrel now fits into the bottommost wave that you just created. This keeps the waves interlocked together so they look natural and regular.

  3. Repeat the curling process

    Continue to create waves by sliding the waving iron down the strand of hair, always making sure to place the topmost barrel in each bottommost wave as it is created. Tuck the tail of the hair into the waving iron with a comb to make sure the ends look finished. Repeat the process with the next 1-inch strand of hair. Tilt the barrels as you move around your head to avoid creating an unnatural-looking ridge. When you are done curling, toss your hair with your fingers to soften the look.