What Are Some Updo Hairstyles?


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Updo hairstyles include the dressed-up pony, the basic ballerina bun, the teased topknot, the side-pony, the side bun and the mini bouffant. The Gibson tuck, the low loop and the knotted bun and the French twist are other popular updos.

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The dressed-up pony is similar to a basic ponytail updo, but with some lengths of hair left out of the ponytail. A basic ballerina bun is a bun at the top of the head, and the teased top-knot is a slightly messier version of the ballerina bun. For the side bun and side pony, the hair is tied at the side of the head. Cosmopolitan.com and Babble.com offer tips and tutorials to create these updo styles.

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