What Are Some Updo Hairstyles for Black Braided Hair?


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Updos that are ideal for black braided hair include ponytails, pigtails and buns, as well as braiding the hair into thicker braids and wrapping them around the head. Black braided hair can also be styled into a mohawk or an intricate series of patterns.

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What Are Some Updo Hairstyles for Black Braided Hair?
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Updos for black braided hair can be made more unique by adding highlights to the hair or blonde, copper or red tones. In addition, the braids can be fashioned into thicker braids and wrapped around the crown of the head in varying patterns. In addition, you can braid the hair into a few thick braids down the back of the head in the style of a large mohawk.

Black braided hair is ideal for cornrows. It can include a variety of unique patterns, such as snakes, pinwheels, hearts and bows. To create a bun out of braided hair, pile the hair on top of the head, or separate it into two sections, and turn the sections into pigtails. Add color to the braids to liven up a simple ponytail or braided bun. You can also fashion the braided hair into a large bow at the side of the head, using the smaller braids for decoration or support.

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