What Is Unique About Zara Clothing?


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Zara's clothing is unique because it copies other designers and then uses customer feedback to change and tweak the clothing. This keeps the brand's available stock constantly changing and creates a situation where the items found in stock today may not be in stock in a few days.

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Instead of changing its collections with each season, the store changes collections twice a week, basing its stock on customer demand and desire. This allows customers to constantly have new edgy designs that they have asked for right at their fingertips. The company has 65,000 stores in 88 countries across the world. The constant changing of the stock in the store and new styles is like a revolving door that keeps customers coming into the store.

Zara has had a large influence on the fashion industry in general. It used to be that fashion designers made one to two collections a year, but with the popularity of Zara and the rate at which it puts out new items has forced designers to start producing collections four to five times a year. Zara has also had an impact on the idea that expensive is better. Consumers today know what they want and they don't want to spend a fortune to look good. They are also much pickier about the items for which they are willing to pay money.

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