What Is a Unique Way to Wear a Scarf?


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One unique way to wear a scarf is to tie it around your waist like a belt. Another unique way to wear a scarf is to wrap it around a bun in your hair.

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For a unique way to wear a scarf, tie a thin one around your waist like a belt. Simply wrap the scarf around your waist and tie the ends together, with the knot either to the side or in the middle, depending on your preference. Another style idea that incorporates scarves and belts is to wear a scarf around your neck like normal, but tuck the ends underneath a thin belt around your waist. This look works best when accompanied by a solid-colored T-shirt.

To use a scarf as a unique hair accessory, wrap it around a messy bun in your hair. Gather your hair into a loose top knot and, once it is fastened, wrap the scarf around the bun, twist the two ends once in the front, then wrap it back around your hair and tie a knot in the back to secure it.

You can also use a scarf as a headband. First, wrap it around the back and bottom of your head, holding on to the two ends in the front. Twist and tie the two ends together in a knot above your forehead, then tuck the dangling ends underneath the scarf that is now encircling your head.

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