What Are Some Unique Star Tattoo Designs for Men?


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Unique star tattoos are differentiated from more common star tattoos by both their ratios and placement on the body. A four-point star, with a triangle pointed upward, downward and two pointing sideways, is a unique example, stretching the middle section to a three-to-one ratio with the top and bottom triangles.

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Another unique star tattoo is a star formation, in the shape of an animal, an actual constellation, or a word or phrase. Integrating different types of stars and making them small contributes to the unique quality by re-conceptualizing the difference between the stars expected to be made into tattoos and the stars that actually are tattoos. A realistic tattoo portrayal of the sun, for instance, is a great way to re-conceptualize what a star can look like, because typical star tattoos are cartoon stars, with six or eight points.

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