What Are Some Unique One-Strap Backpack Designs?


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Unique single-strap backpack designs include compartmentalized bags by Maxpedition, convertible bags by Oakley and sleek, box-shaped designs by Incase and Booq. Maxpedition bags depart from the ubiquitous teardrop sling design by arranging compartments in a series of small pockets that keep items organized and prevents them from becoming damaged. Instead of having a variety of smaller items in one large compartment, users can easily locate smaller or easily damaged items such as sunglasses, phones and other essentials.

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The Motion Tech 15 backpack by Oakley features a rectangular shape with several layered compartments and a padded pocket for computers or tablets. It features a unique system of removable straps that allows the user to convert the pack into a messenger-style shoulder bag, briefcase, single-strap backpack or traditional backpack. Oakley introduced the convertible bag in the mid-2000s with the Sandbag AP, which featured removable exterior pockets, convertible wide straps and excellent weight distribution. Oakley no longer produces this bag and new bags that are occasionally available on online auctions command prices far in excess of their original price.

Incase and Booq produce single-strap backpacks that have a rectangular shape and a unique arrangement of layered compartments that gives them a sleek and sophisticated style. Incase designs bags for musical instruments, cameras and Apple products, but bag enthusiasts and users of all products appreciate the quality and thoughtfulness that goes into the design of these bags.

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