What Is Unique About Lush Soap?

What Is Unique About Lush Soap?

Lush soaps are unique because of their ingredients and the company's polices regarding ethical buying, animal testing and green packaging. The company also donates to charity and has a philosophy that includes pleasing its customers.

Lush uses fresh, all-natural vegetarian ingredients. The company chooses organic options as well as safe synthetic products to develop effective and environmentally responsible soaps and other beauty care products. The company creates its own products, a process that includes visits to growers and producers as well as local farmer's markets.

Lush contracts with producers who provide fair, safe working conditions for their employees and practice environmental stewardship. It traces its ingredients down to the farm level and supports small-scale farmers and growers.

The company does not test its products on animals, nor does it purchase ingredients from other companies that perform animal testing. Lush encourages its customers to boycott cosmetics companies that employ animal testing, and it actively pursues non-animal testing strategies.

Many of Lush's products are not packaged, and those that are feature recyclable or compostable wrappers. Other environmentally friendly practices including closely monitoring water and energy consumption and using ethically responsible methods and fuels for product transportation.

Lush developed a Charity Pot program that donates 100 percent of the purchase price of selected items to grassroots charities and programs. LushUSA.com includes a list of the company's beliefs, including being happy people who make happy soap.