What Are Some Unique Ideas for Small Tattoos?


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Examples of ideas for small tattoo designs include dream catchers, lotus flowers, hummingbirds and seahorses. Snowflakes, mandalas, elephants and water color tattoos are additional ideas.

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What Are Some Unique Ideas for Small Tattoos?
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In Native American culture, dream catchers filter out bad dreams, letting only the good ones enter into sleep. The lotus flower has significant meaning in Eastern philosophies and religions and represents rebirth, perseverance and feminine sexuality.

Hummingbirds are a symbol of happiness and love and seahorses symbolize creativity. People with seahorse tattoos are likely to value the fantastical and creative aspects of life, says YouQueen.com. Snowflakes represent delicate beauty, individuality, purity and innocence.

Mandala tattoos often have different meanings for different people, according to personal religious beliefs. Most commonly, users believe that mandalas aid meditation and connect one to the inner self. Mandalas are therefore a symbol of higher consciousness and oneness.

Water color tattoos make it look as if the tattoo artist painted directly on the skin. This style of tattoo contains realistic brush strokes and vivid colors. The biggest difference between water color tattoos and traditional tattoos is the lack of black, defining outlines. An artist skilled in free hand work can translate any tattoo design into a water color tattoo, says YouQueen.com.

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