What Are Some Unique Designs for Scrub Hats?

What Are Some Unique Designs for Scrub Hats?

Euro, ponytail and Florence scrub hats are some unique cuts for women. Different companies offer a wide variety of prints, from outdoor barbecue to holiday images.

Euro scrub hats feature a sleek profile that still has enough room to accommodate women's hairdos. The bouffant scrub hat features a lot of room in the cap for longer or more elaborate hairstyles. Florence scrub hats have a simple tie in the back.

Ponytail scrub hats are available from different retailers. They feature a close-fitting cap on top with fabric in the back to cover a ponytail. These are also available as disposable hats. BlueSkyScrubs.com sells pixie scrub hats with feminine fabrics meant to accommodate women's short hairstyles.

Many companies offer varying print collections for their scrub hats. For example, BlueSkyScrubs.com sells three print collections for men. The executive collection features classic prints in sedate colors. Prints in the sport collection feature different athletic disciplines. The urban collection is eclectic, featuring everything from military to holiday prints.

Scrubs.com offers several unique scrub hat options. One is the mega hat, which is a snood-like hat for accommodating very long hair. The site also lets customers further customize any scrub hat with embroidery.

Medhats.com sells convertible surgical scrub hats for women. These hats feature a print on one side and solid color on the other so women can reverse them for a different look.