What Is Ulzzang Makeup?

What Is Ulzzang Makeup?

Ulzzang is a makeup style from South Korea designed to emphasize the most prized Korean features, including large eyes, small lips and small noses. The word ulzzang means "best face" in Korean and is also used to describe people who have become famous online for their looks.

Common features of ulzzang makeup include light skin, big eyes and small lips with pale, gradient color.

Magazine Shi, an Asian beauty magazine, says the light, even base makeup should look natural and not heavy, as ulzzang favors the more natural look. Pale pink blush on top of a light powder foundation is enough to smooth skin tone. Highlighting powder can be used on the nose and brow to create the appearance of a thinner nose and smaller face.

Special contact lenses, fake eyelashes and thick eyeliner are commonly used to achieve the look of large eyes. Colorful eye shadow and a cat's eye design in liquid black eyeliner can be combined with the optional eyelashes and contacts to create the desired "puppy dog" or doll-eyes effect. Magazine Shi also recommends drawing straight eyebrows to emphasize the innocent look.

Lip gloss is used to achieve the gradient color palette, starting with a pale base and then blending a darker color on the inside of the lips.