What U.S. Woman's Shoe Size Is Equal to a U.S. Man's Shoe Size 8?

In U.S. shoe sizing, a men's size 8 is the same length as a woman's size 9.5. Both shoes are approximately 10 inches in length. Depending on the individual shoe, men's shoes are generally one to one and a half sizes larger than the equivalent length in women's sizing.

Men's shoes may run the same approximate lengths as women's, but the width also differs between men's and women's designs. Under the U.S. shoe sizing system, a medium in women's sizing is a B, but a medium in men's is a D. These two mediums also differ somewhat, as a men's medium is cut wider. This can result in shoes not fitting properly even if they are the right length. Therefore, women seeking to wear shoes designed for men should pay careful attention to width designations as well as the numerical size labeled on the shoe.