What Are Some Typical Items at a Lululemon Outlet in Canada?

What Are Some Typical Items at a Lululemon Outlet in Canada?

A typical Lululemon outlet in Canada offers both male and female active wear, including but not limited to: tank tops, jackets, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, casual pants, running shorts, zip-ups and sports accessories.

Founded in Vancouver, B.C. in 1998, Lululemon's mission is to supply quality athletic apparel designed for a range of "sweaty pursuits," from yoga to jogging. Lululemon offers swimwear, sports bras, skirts and dresses designed exclusively for women. Also under women's apparel, Lululemon sells pants by fit (tight, skinny, flare, loose), crop pants and what they call "7/8 pants," designed for yoga, running and getting places.

For men, Lululemon offers an exclusive men's cycling kit, featuring shorts, vests and a jersey.

In addition to clothing, typical Lululemon stores also stock a variety of male and female accessories, such as bags (totes, duffels, backpacks), headwear (caps, headbands, scarves), socks and underwear, yoga mats and props, and running accessories (water bottles, sweat cuffs). These are all geared toward people with active, modern lifestyles and suited for exercise and casual wear.

Lululemon also stocks a new selection of "stink-free" gear created using its trademarked Silverescent technology. This technology significantly reduces body odor, according to the site. Items under this category include long sleeve shirts, socks, tank tops and t-shirts.