What Is Typical Cuban Clothing for Men?


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Some clothing that is popular amongst Cuban men includes Caribbean-style clothing such as jeans or cotton pants, light button-up shirts, T-shirts and the Guayabera. This type of clothing can be bought at various online retailers such as My Cuban Store.

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Cuban men's clothing is largely influenced by the climate of the region and the country's culture. Cuba is very hot most of the year, which is why men tend to wear light shirts that allow a breeze and do not retain too much heat. Clothing is an indicator of status in Cuba, so many men do not wear shorts or tank-tops but instead wear cotton pants and collared shirts.

The Guayabera is the most popular type of shirt worn by Cuban men as well as the men of many Caribbean and South American countries such as Ecuador and Columbia. The Guayabera most often has two vertical rows of sewn-in pleats down the back of the shirt, is worn untucked and is also referred to as the "Wedding Shirt." Guayaberas and other popular Cuban men's clothing can be purchased through numerous online stores, such as Cubavera and My Cuban Store. On these websites, hover over the "Men" tab to reveal links to various types of Cuban men's clothing.

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