What Is Typical Attire in the Dominican Republic?

According to the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism, visitors and locals wear light clothing for warm weather year-round on this island nation. Linens and other breathable fabrics provide protection from the elements and allow the wearer to stay cool. In the winter months, a light jacket serves as ample shelter when the temperature drops at night.

The World Factbook defines the Dominican Republic as an island with a tropical maritime climate. Most islanders dress practically and comfortably but nevertheless respect a certain dress code. In fact, the formality of Dominican dress surprises some visitors, as most local residents do not wear casual attire outside of the home. While it is not uncommon for tourists to wear sandals, shorts and t-shirts in the Dominican Republic, those who call the island home generally wear formal pants, dress shirts and skirts in public settings.

In addition to dressing for the elements, most Dominicans choose apparel that fits within the norms of the local culture. Locals rarely sport body piercings, extreme hairstyles or edgy fashion designs. Instead, Dominicans place a high importance on dressing professionally, both at work and when socializing with friends and family. Additionally, Dominicans often prefer pastel colors and eschew complicated designs in favor of simple, versatile pieces.