What Are Some Types of "Twilight" Tattoos?

Some types of "Twilight" tattoos that are popular consist of quotes from characters in the films, mainly quotes by Edward, Bella and Jacob Black. Other types of "Twilight" tattoos include cover art from the books, especially the apple with the bite taken out of it.

Fans of the "Twilight" series have also been known to get tattoos of the story's three main characters together. The images generally cover the entire surface of the back and feature a great amount of detail. The tattoos usually depict scenes from the movies or complete images of the movie posters for the films, although some fans simply get tattoos of their favorite character from the series instead of all three. The image of the tulip from the cover of "New Moon" is also very popular, although some fans of the books and films choose to get tattoos of all the images from the book covers. Some people believe that the images from the four books combine to spell out the word love. In this case, the chess piece from "Breaking Dawn" would be the lowercase "L," the tulip from "New Moon" represents the letter "O," the hands holding the apple on the "Twilight" cover represent the letter "V" and the red ribbon from the cover of "Eclipse" represents the letter "E."