What Are Some Types of Traditional Chinese Clothing?

What Are Some Types of Traditional Chinese Clothing?

The pienfu, the changpao and the shenyi are the three main types of traditional Chinese clothing. Other examples of traditional clothing include the Pao, changshan and beizi. Qipao is another type of Chinese clothing.

The traditional Chinese clothes, referred to as "hanfu," varied by dynasty, locale and class.

The pienfu is a ceremonial costume consisting of two pieces. It had a tunic-like top that extended to the knees and a skirt or trousers extending to the ankles.

The Pao is a closed full-body gown that originated during the Qin Dynasty and lends part of its name to the changpao. The changpao is a one-piece garment that covered the whole body, extending from the shoulders to the heels.

The shenyi is a blend of pienfu and the changpao. It features a tunic and a skirt or trousers like the pienfu. The tunic and the skirt are sewed together in one piece similar to the changpao.

The Qipao, or Cheongsam, originated in the Manchu region of China. It is a woman's dress with a straight collar, strain on the waist, coiled buttons and slits on both sides of the dress. The design evolved by merging with western patterns that show off the beauty of a female body. Silk, cotton and linen are to make these dresses.