What Are Some Types of Tattoos That Represent Strength?

What Are Some Types of Tattoos That Represent Strength?

Popular tattoos that represent strength include images of lions, tigers, koi fish, trees, dragons, dragonflies, anchors, roses, suns and phoenixes. These different symbols represent different types of strength. Koi fish represent perseverance, tigers represent physical strength, and lions represent courage.

The koi fish is one of the best known symbols for strength because of a Chinese legend that claims that a koi who swims to the Yellow River's falling point is transformed into a dragon. The dragon, the phoenix and the tree represent strength in the form of longevity.

The tree also represents wisdom and eternal life because trees are known to outlive humans, sometimes by hundreds of years. On the other hand, the dragonfly, which has a short lifespan, represents strength and the desire to live life to the fullest. In addition to strength, dragons symbolize hope, purity, power, jealousy, immortality and creation.

The sun represents strength in the sense of new beginning and rebirth, which suits someone who has overcome adversity. Cuded Design and Inspiration says that the phoenix represents rebirth as well as longevity.

In addition to strength, the lion represents protection, and the tiger represents aggression. Other tattoo ideas for strength include the Chinese symbol for strength or a quote inspired by the value of strength.