What Types of Swimsuits Are Revealing?

The most revealing types of swimsuits are two-piece styles, including classic bikinis, bandeau bikinis, and string or thong bikinis. One-piece swimsuits are also revealing, but they cover part of the torso and parts of the back.

While some bikini styles draw inspiration from a traditional bra top or full-coverage bottoms, others leave little to the imagination. A classic bikini typically consists of a bra top and a full-coverage bottom piece, while a bandeau swimsuit is a strapless style that leaves the shoulders completely bare. A string bikini uses the least amount of fabric, using string to connect small patches of fabric that cover the essential parts. A thong bikini consists of a strip of fabric that passes between the thighs and attaches to a band around the waist. Designed to expose the buttocks, this style is popular among sun bathers.