What Types of Shoes Do Podiatrists Generally Recommend?


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The type of shoe that a podiatrist recommends depends on how the patient plans to use it, according to Suffern Podiatry. Overall, a high-quality shoe with plenty of arch support is important.

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Shoes are typically designed for specific purposes, as noted by WebMD. Even athletic shoes usually have unique designs, since different sports put different stresses on the feet and ankles. People who only engage in light exercise but do a variety of activities may do well with a cross-trainer, which is designed to do a little bit of everything. People who do a certain type of intense workout or do the same workout more than twice a week should generally buy a specially made shoe. A fitting at a specialty athletic shoe store can help ensure the shoe fits properly and is the right shoe for that sport.

There is a program that recognizes products that are good for feet, as noted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. It has a Seal of Acceptance, which it awards to suitable shoes, socks and other non-medical devices. A separate Seal of Approval goes to therapeutic items. To get the Seal of Acceptance, shoe manufacturers have to provide detailed information and documentation to the APMA, which then has a board of doctors review it for quality and accuracy. This is a voluntary program that not all manufacturers choose to undergo.

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