What Types of Services Does Sisterlocks Offer in Washington DC?


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Sisterlocks offers hair styling performed by certified consultants, one-on-one training for those interested in becoming consultants and a line of hair care products. Primarily marketed to African American women, the company features a natural hair care program inspired by African culture. Locations are available in over 30 states and Washington, D.C. as of 2015.

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Sisterlocks consultants are private contractors, generally providing hair care services in their own local area. A full list of Sisterlocks consultants and their geographic locations is available on Sisterlocks.com. Sisterlocks provides extensive training, retraining opportunities and referrals to all consultants. Consultants also automatically become distributors of Sisterlocks-branded maintenance products.

Sisterlocks markets itself as a lifestyle more than a line of hair products, committed to the sense of community that comes with traditional African hair-braiding. The company actively strives to empower African American women by allowing them to manage a small business.

In general, practices of braiding, twisting and locking hair, similar to what is done by Sisterlocks consultants, is illegal in most states unless performed by a licensed cosmetologist, notes NPR. Dr. JoAnne Cornwell, the founder of Sisterlocks, has argued for lifting these restrictions, stating that modern cosmetology has little to do with the natural hair care provided by her company (and others that perform similar services). Dr. Cornwell and her allies won a major legal victory in 1999 when a California Federal District Court ruled that African hair-braiding is entitled to protection under the 14th Amendment. Similar victories have followed in Washington D.C., New York, Ohio, Michigan and Maryland.

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