What Types of Products Do They Sell at JMcLaughlin Outlet Stores?


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JMcLaughlin outlet stores sell JMcLaughlin women's and men's clothing and merchandise at a lower price point than that of the chain's regular retail stores. Shoppers can find items ranging from scarves and cardigans to purses and belts.

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The goods and merchandise in outlet stores are often from an earlier season or are specifically made for the outlet store. Some outlets sell a separate line of lower-quality, cheaper items that have the same brand names as the items in the company's regular retail stores. These items are often based on the full-price merchandise sold in the regular retail stores during previous seasons, but might not have been sold at any point in the regular retail stores at all. Many of the items in these outlet stores are private-label factory goods and merchandise that were created by outside vendors specifically for the outlet stores to sell.

Other brands carry the retail stores' regular season excess inventory in their outlet stores, which is merchandise that did not sell during the regular season. These items are marked down from the original price and sent to their outlets where consumers can purchase the brand name items at a cheaper price, but in a later season.

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