What Types of Outfits Can You Buy at K&G Fashion Superstores?

K&G Fashion Superstores carry a variety of men's and women's outfits for casual and professional occasions, ranging from suits and blouses to dresses, slacks and shirts. While the exact inventory of each store varies by location, many carry clothing from designers such as Kenneth Cole, Sean John and Nine West.

Due to the way K&G Fashion Superstore obtains its supply of clothing, it doesn't offer an online catalogue of its inventory, as of May 2015. In order to find out if a particular store carries an outfit, such as a dress for an interview or a suit for a wedding, customers need to visit the store in person to check its available stock. KGStores.com offers a store locator tool that allows customers to search for nearby stores within a given ZIP code or city and state. The tool includes an interactive map with a feature that provides driving directions from a specified starting point, along with the store number, address and phone number of each location.

Many K&G Fashion Superstores also offer an in-house tailoring service to customers. This service enables anyone who purchases clothing from that store to have it customized to fit her exact body. The price for these tailoring services varies depending on the type of clothing and the extent of the alterations.