What Types of Materials Does Footskins Use to Manufacture Its Products?

What Types of Materials Does Footskins Use to Manufacture Its Products?

Footskins makes its products from deerskin, cowhide and deer-tan leathers. Footskins stretches all of the leathers a bit before putting together the shoes, which prevents them from stretching out too much when actually worn.

Deerskin is lightweight and breathable, making for highly comfortable footwear. The soft texture of the leather makes it ideal for making shoes, as it does not require the breaking in period common to other types of leather. It also maintains its softness even after getting wet repeatedly.

Cowhide leather is tougher and more resistant to scratches or abrasions. It is also more durable, so it holds its shape and gives better foot support than deerskin. Waterproofing of cowhide and treatment with leather conditioner extends its life and maintains its softness.

Deer-tan leather is a variation of cowhide leather tanned so as to be similar to deerskin without the higher cost and limited availability. Because of this tanning process, deer-tan leather is soft like deerskin while still strong and durable like cowhide leather.

Footskins manufactures a wide variety of footwear products for men, women and children, including moccasins, shoes, slippers, boots and baby booties. The company also produces custom made footwear for customers with foot health problems or unusual foot sizes.