What Types of Masonic Merchandise Are Available?


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Types of Masonic merchandise available include clothes, jewelry, cellphone covers and car accessories. These products feature the famous Masonic symbol of the square and compass. Other Masonic merchandise includes jewelry featuring the famous Masonic star of the Order of the Eastern Star such as pocket watches, rings, earrings and tie clips. The Knights Templar Seal featuring the Crusaders of Solomons Temple is another prominent Masonic symbol featured on pendant necklaces and lapel pins.

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Some Masonic apparel merchandise available on MasonicExchange.com includes men's and women's polo shirts, hats, totes, ties and T-shirts. Ties prominently feature a Masonic emblem or incorporate the emblems into the pattern of the fabric. Shirt and pullover designs feature the emblems on the left breast-pocket. MasonicExchange.com also provides customers the option to customize any product available in its online store, including aprons and decals.

FreeMasonStore.com offers iPad, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 phone covers with the square and compass emblem, as well as designs incorporating the American flag. This store also carries a variety of belt buckles that prominently display a varied selection of Masonic emblems. FreeMasonStore.com also stocks merchandise for lodges such as apron cases, gavels, gloves and hat cases, all featuring a well-displayed Masonic symbol.

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