What Are Some Types of Hairstyles Featuring Braids?


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There are many hairstyles featuring braids such as a French braid, a fishtail braid and a milkmaid braid. Braids are an easy way to create interesting and attractive hairstyles for any type or length of hair.

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One of the most popular braided styles, the French braid, is created by taking three pieces of hair and braiding them in a traditional way, incorporating additional hair from each section of someone's head until she reaches the end.

Another great way to style braids is to create a fishtail braid. This braid is created by dividing hair into two sections and grabbing one small piece of hair from the outer section and pulling it over to the opposite section. One should repeat the same on the other section of hair and alternate between sections until she reaches the bottom.

A milkmaid braid is a braided up-do style. It is created by forming two traditional pigtails on each side of the face. Each braid is then individually wrapped over the top of the head and secured with several bobby pins. A similar style to the milkmaid braid is the halo braid. This style is created by French braiding hair all around the head, creating the look of a halo.

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