What Are Some Types of Folding Nylon Bags?

Varieties of nylon folding bags include duffel bags, reusable grocery bags, handbags, sports bags and over-the-shoulder totes. The best brands differ depending on what type of bag is desired.

Nylon is a synthetic that was first introduced commercially in 1938. The material was meant to replace silk at a time when silk became scarce. Nylon is durable, weather-resistant and flame-retardant, which makes it a popular choice for outdoor apparel and gear. Additionally, the material is resistant to damage from oil and many chemicals.

Nylon bags may be lightweight, smooth and quick-drying. Nylon is easy to wash and can be put through the dryer on low heat settings. Nylon bags can be found in a variety of colors because nylon can be pre-colored or dyed in a wide range of hues.

Vendors of nylon bags of all varieties use words such as "lightweight," "super strong" and "waterproof" to describe the quality of their bags. Folding nylon bags of any type can be used for a multitude of different functions from storing personal items to grocery shopping.

In comparison to polyester, nylon is the stronger and more durable of the two. Production of nylon also tends to be more expensive, which is why nylon products may be more expensive than polyester varieties.