What Are Some Types of Dance Apparel?


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Examples of types of dance apparel include basic tights and leotards, as well as jazz pants. However, the appropriate type of dance apparel depends on the type of dancing being performed.

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Leotards and tights are great for ballet because they allow for a lot of stretching and are tight enough for the teacher to check body alignment during practice. Most ballet teachers prefer students to wear cover-ups to and from class consisting of basic pants, skirts and sweaters. Leotards are available in short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless options. Young girls and women often enjoy wearing a tutu or small skirt over their leotards, but this is discouraged in adult classes. Ballet shoes are essential for ballet class and dances, but are not meant to be worn as street shoes.

Men who practice ballet usually wear tight sweatpants or shorts with a tight tank top or T-shirt tucked in at the waist. It is also traditional for male dancers to wear dance belts.

Jazz pants are a great choice for jazz, modern, tap and hip hop dance classes. Shoes that are specific to jazz, tap and ballroom dancing are required for most professional classes. Most dancers carry a dance bag to hold clothing and additional gear.

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