What Are Some Types of Clothes in the Kardashian Kollection?

What Are Some Types of Clothes in the Kardashian Kollection?

The Kardashian Kollection carries dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, denim, lingerie and shoes. The clothes are designed to appeal to women consumers, from teenagers to 30-year-olds. The Kardashian Kollection has every day casual pieces and dressier options. Additionally, the collection is supposed to reflect the personal style of the three Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.

The Kardashian Kollection launched in 2011. In the United States, it was sold exclusively at 400 Sears stores. The brand intended to offer fans of the Kardashians an affordable way to achieve a glamorous look like their style icons, the Kardashian sisters.

Sears hoped the partnership would increase its sales. However, the Kardashian Kollection struggled to appeal to the average consumer, which hurt sales. Therefore, Sears had to decrease the prices of many pieces in the collection.

In 2015, Sears and the Kardashians ended their retail partnership. Sears sold off the remaining products, and pulled others off its selves. A Sears spokesperson said that the Kardashians and their company agreed to part ways when the original 2011 deal ended. As of 2015, pieces from the Kardashian Kollection are sold on eBay, DASH and internationally on the Australian retail site The Iconic.

The Kardashian Kollection is just one of the many business ventures from the Kardashians. Their other ones include book deals, fragrance launches and several television series.