What Types of Clothes Does a Biker Chick Wear?

Bikers, both male and female, wear leather jackets and thick pants to protect themselves from the air that blasts against them as they ride, and they wear a helmet while riding. Leather jackets are black or brown and usually made of material thick enough to withstand the damage of an accident. Biker women wear black clothing that sometime has visual wear and tear.

Although black leather and black clothing are typical choices, biker women have a choice of feminine articles of clothing, such as lighter and more showy shirts beneath their jackets. Motorcycle gangs might promote the use of thematic clothing for men and women, but the use of more revealing clothing is not as common due to the lack of protection of this type of clothing when riding a motorcycle.

Motorcycles do not have the safety precautions found in modern automobiles, requiring riders to consider attire choices that protect them should they get into a crash. Leather jackets, gloves, pants and boots can provide a small amount of protection, with a helmet protecting from head trauma and goggles protecting the eyes from anything flying up off the road while they are driving. These choices are practical concerns that most riders keep in mind, making feminine clothing like skirts or lighter coats less favored.