What Are Some Types of Christian Tattoos?


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Examples of Christian tattoos include images of crosses, angels, praying hands or Jesus. Additionally, Beliefnet.com lists Bible verses, religious symbols or religious words as common themes for Christian tattoos.

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The cross is one of the most popular Christian tattoos and symbolizes a relationship with Jesus. Cross tattoos come in a variety of shapes and colors, and they can be simple or complex in design. Angel tattoos signify love and peace and may also represent a friend or loved one who has passed away. Additionally, because Christianity teaches that angels were created to guide and protect humans, an angel tattoo may represent belief in a guardian angel. Tattoos of praying hands represent the Christian belief in the power of prayer and a relationship with God. Additionally, Beliefnet.com states that Christian tattoos often depict a crucified Jesus with a halo or crown of thorns around his head.

Christian tattoos often depict Bible verses that carry special meaning to the believer and reinforce the Christian practice of meditating on the Bible. Tattoos of religious symbols, such as a rosary, fish or the Bible, are often used to express belief in God. Additionally, Beliefnet.com says that tattoos of religious words such as "love," "faith" and "believe" are also used to declare a Christian's faith.

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