What Are Some Types of Amish Clothing?

types-amish-clothing Credit: Bob Thomas/E+/Getty Images

Amish clothing for both men and women is plain to reflect obedience and separation from the rest of the world. Adults and children dress very similarly. For men, a simple pair of button-up pants, without a zipper, creases or cuffs, is held up by suspenders.

The traditional men's coat has no collar, and a vest functions as a substitute in warm weather. Both have hooks and eyes. Men's jackets, vests and pants are typically dark colors: black, brown, gray or blue. Their plain white shirts have undecorated buttons. A brimmed felt or straw hat is often worn.

Female Amish clothing begins with an non-patterned dress with long sleeves and a full skirt. The typical dress closing is a safety pin or snaps. Although Sunday dresses are usually black, other colors are seen during the week, including purples, greens, pinks, yellows and beige. Black cotton stockings and black shoes are worn. A white apron is often tied around the waist. The head covering is a white cap with strings. On Sundays or other formal occasions, a black bonnet is worn over the cap.

Fabrics are chosen for color, practicality, breathability and durability. Blends of cotton and polyester are strong and do not require a lot of ironing. Plain polyester cloth is also used, because it washes and wears easily.