What Are the Best Type of Shoes for Waitresses?

type-shoes-waitresses Credit: Tony Anderson/Taxi/Getty Images

The best type of shoe for waitresses are shoes that are comfortable and safe. Nonslip soles are highly recommended for waiting staff.

Waitresses are on their feet for many hours of the day and need comfortable shoes that contribute to their safety in the restaurant environment. In reference to restaurants, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration notes that most employee injuries result from slips and falls involving "floor ground surfaces." Therefore, it is essential waitresses wear shoes with rubber nonslip soles for safety. These shoes should be of a closed style in a resilient material to safeguard against scalding from hot liquids — sandals, flip-flops and canvas shoes are not recommended for this occupation. To relieve foot fatigue and potential back strain from prolonged standing, waitresses should choose shoes providing ample support and cushioning, preferably with orthopedic insoles for optimal foot alignment.