What Type of Items Does Stella and Dot Sell?


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Stella and Dot sells jewelry and fashion accessories, such as rings, bracelets and necklaces, along with bags and scarves, as of May 2015. All items are sold exclusively through the company's website or by partnered Stylists who host parties that serve as a showcase for the products.

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The majority of the items sold by Stella and Dot are jewelry pieces that cover a wide range of personal styles. The Jewelry section of the company's website, StellaDot.com, contains categories for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and charms, as well as storage options for the jewelry. Each individual section of the site contains sorting options tailored to the specific product. For example, in the Necklaces section, users are able to filter product listings based on the colors of the necklace or its length. Similar color or pattern sorting options are available on other Jewelry category pages as well.

Stella and Dot also sells various types of fashion accessories, including wallets, purses, scarves and travel bags. Users are able to sort through these sections by size and pattern or color as well. Other site headings offer selections of the jewelry and fashion accessories based on user criteria, such as customer age range or items that are suitable to give as gifts based on price.

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