What Type of Items Can You Find at a Beehive Clothing Distribution Center?

What Type of Items Can You Find at a Beehive Clothing Distribution Center?

The LDS Distribution Center, formerly known as the Beehive Clothing Distribution Center, offers religious texts, clothing and other products of particular interest to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Products at LDS Distribution Centers are divided into five categories: Gospel Study, Garments And Temple Clothing, Home and Family, Serving in the Church, and Music, Media & Art.

As the Church's official store, it provides products free or at cost exclusively to members. They can purchase the products at physical shops or order online after providing their church membership numbers and confirmation dates.

The Gospel Study section is focused mainly on the Book of Mormon and includes guides for studying or teaching the text. The related Garments and Temple Clothing category offers ceremonial clothing and everyday clothes that honor religious covenants.

The third section, Home and Family, features books for adults and children. It also features a subsection called "Self-Reliance," offering survival guides, water filters and bulk containers of food.

The Serving In The Church section is a resource for service-oriented books that target different subgroups such as men, women, Sunday School teachers and religious committee members. The Music, Media & Art area includes products such as CDs of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, DVDs about religious history, hymnbooks, songbooks, posters and fine art.