What Is the Best Type of Hair for Micro Braids?

type-hair-micro-braids Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images

The best hair for micro braids is healthy human hair, because it is the most smooth, manageable and malleable. There are a vast array of human hair varieties on the market that can be used for micro braiding.

Micro braiding is a hairstyle consisting of hundreds of small, tightly knit single braids. It is a labor intensive style that often takes several hours to achieve. Before commencing the braiding process, it is best to ensure the hair is washed, de-tangled and as moisture-rich as possible. Treatments such as a hot oil treatment or a deep conditioner are useful for bringing hair back from damage. Tangled, damaged and frayed hair can prove difficult to braid.

Wearing a head scarf or other head covering allows braids to remain neat overnight. Some important things to remember are not to wear micro-braids for longer than two months and not to wear braids extremely tight, as both can result in hair loss, or Alopecia areata. Another thing to avoid is using relaxers prior to braiding hair, as hair can be weakened. Going to bed with wet hair, especially if using extensions, is not a good idea because braids and extensions hold moisture and can cause a mildew-like smell.