What Type of Clothing Is Worn in Italy?

What Type of Clothing Is Worn in Italy?

The clothing favored in Italy is classic, refined and always appropriate for the occasion. However, there are few hard-and-fast rules as to how to dress in Italy.

Perhaps the most important feature of Italian fashion is that it is always suited to the time of day, location and event. For example, men never wear shorts or open-toed shoes in the evening. There are few formal dress codes, because Italians tend to dress accordingly for every occasion, whether it is a day at the beach or dinner at an elegant restaurant.

Another important note about dressing in Italy is that churches and other sacred places must be treated with respect. This includes appropriate attire; women are expected to cover their shoulders when visiting churches and holy sites.

Jeans are not considered inappropriate for more formal occasions in Italy if they fit properly, do not look sloppy and are part of a stylish outfit. White socks are only considered appropriate when engaging in sports; likewise, men always wear socks with closed-toe shoes that are not moccasins or boat shoes.

Women tend to wear classic, fitted clothes in neutral colors during the fall and winter seasons. Pastels and bright colors tend to be more prominent in warmer months. High heels are popular no matter what the weather is as are stylish accessories such as sunglasses.