What Type of Clothing Is Worn in Ghana?


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The type of clothing worn in Ghana depends on social status and the type of activities being performed. Those with higher social status wear more expensive clothing, including imported clothing.

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According to Every Culture, social status is an important signifier to the type of clothing worn in Ghana. Those with higher social status, such as kings and officials, wear clothing with regalia, or royal insignia, on it. They also wear kente cloth, which is a colorful, striped cloth traditionally worn by royalty. Those in the upper echelons of social class wear goods made in the West as a way to show education and wealth. Kente cloth is considered the national dress of Ghana and, as such, is of particular pride to the Ghanaians. Although kente is traditionally banded, or striped, in bright colors, it is made in a variety of patters that are unique to the country. Furthermore, the colors have symbolic meanings—for instance, gold is the color of royalty and wealth, while white symbolizes purity.

The type of clothing worn also depends on activities being performed. For instance, Ghanaians going to work wear semi-formal clothing. Women wear blazers and skirts, while men wear white shirts and ties. Because Ghana is hot, both men and women usually wear short sleeves.

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