What Type of Clothing Did the Woodland Indians Wear?


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The Woodland Indians wore clothing made out animal skins, furs and from grass. Shirts, leggings, loin cloths and moccasins were crafted from the skins of the animals that were eaten. Women often wore dresses or skirts made of woven wild grass. The children of the Woodland Indian tribe wore nothing in the warmer months.

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What Type of Clothing Did the Woodland Indians Wear?
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The Woodland Indians lived in forests east of the Plains Indians. They lived in areas extending from Maine, the Great Lakes regions to New England. A few of the popular Woodland Indian tribes include the Shawnee, the Iroquois and the Algonquin. Woodland Indians plucked out all of their hair, leaving only a small round or square patch on the crown of the head.

The Shawnee men wore jewelry, such as silver earrings and nose rings, and were even known to cut slits in their ears to adorn them with silver wire coils. The ears of the Shawnee men were often stretched into large loops, which was from the weight of the jewelry and was admired by other tribe members.

Woodland tribe members wore face paint in order to express feelings and emotions. Red paint represented life, purple expressed royalty and black was representing of death or an eternal grief. The paint was worn as part of many different ceremonies and rituals.

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