What Type of Clothes Did People Wear in the 70s?

Flared-leg trousers and peasant tops were popular clothing trends of the 1970s. Fashion for men and women was inspired by both the disco and hippie eras.

For women, micro-, mini- and maxi-length skirts and dresses were all popular. Pant suits and halter-neck dresses were common choices for evening wear. Bell-bottoms with hip-length tunics were fashionable, and many of these items were in shades of green favored during the decade, including emerald green and apple green. Men and women both wore platform shoes; the soles ranged from one-quarter inch to four inches high.

Farrah Fawcett Majors of "Charlie's Angels" was a considerable influence on not only the clothing women wore but also the hairstyles they chose. She inspired the use of heated rollers or curling irons to attain the flip for which she was famous.

John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" was an icon for male fashion. Men wore bell-bottoms, leisure suits and high-soled shoes or boots. Open-neck shirts with the collar turned up were part of the disco fad, and some men also wore medallions around their necks. Men's clothing was tight and collars and shirt cuffs were wide.

Polyester and courtelle jersey were predominant fabrics for clothing of the 1970s.