What Type of Clothes Did People Wear in the 1950's?


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Many women in the 1950s wore blouses and skirts or long dresses, while men wore suits and hats, or dress shirts and slacks. Dress in this decade was relatively conservative.

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Men's fashion did not deviate much throughout 1950s. Suits and ties, or sport jackets with dress pants, were typical for office work. For casual wear, men wore sweaters, often with dress slacks and casual oxford shoes. Blue-collar workers tended to wear more military-styled clothing to their jobs. Teenage boys often wore leather jackets and denim jeans.

The wearing of slacks was not yet common in women's fashion, unless they worked as laborers. Body image and consumerism were important factors that affected the style of women, and tight-fitting bustiers and girdles became more common under-clothing. Women wore long skirts, well past the knee, often in floral prints. Wearing a smart suit jacket with a long skirt was popular as well. For mothers and daughters, matching dresses were popular. If a woman left the house to run errands or to attend a social event, wearing a hat was common.

Teenage fashion differed from adult fashion. While teenage girls typically wore skirts, many wore bright, flashy colors. Large "poodle" skirts became common for socializing and dancing. Teenage girls often wore capri slacks.

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