What Is the Two-Strand Twist Technique?


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The two-strand twist technique is a hairstyling technique that creates a simple braid through the use of two simple twisting locks. This technique establishes an efficient protective style that locks in moisture and prevents the hair from breaking or developing split ends.

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Before applying the twist, determine how large a twist you want. The bigger the lock of hair selected for the technique, the bigger the final result. Begin at the roots and separate the original section of the hair into two pieces, with each piece held between the thumb and index finger of each hand. Pull each piece straight and pass one lock on top of the other, grasping the overlying lock with the index and middle finger of the underlying hand. Still holding the hair tight, move the underlying lock to the thumb and index finger of the other hand. Move the previous lock from the middle and index fingers to the index finger and thumb of the same hand.

Pass the underlying lock over the top of the other one and repeat this process until there is no hair left to twist. When done, secure the ends as if they were a braid, and apply the new twist to any desired hairstyle.

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