How Do You Twist Short Hair for Men?

twist-short-hair-men Credit: Josh Pesavento/CC-BY 2.0

Men with short hair should apply gel to their hair while it is still damp before twisting it. Strands of hair should be coiled with a finger or a comb. The hair sections can be big or small, but the size should be uniform throughout the hair. While twisting the hair, the coils should lay in the direction that the person wants them to fall.

The person twisting the coils should always check to make sure that the parts are straight and spaced out evenly. The stylist should use a spray bottle to moisten the hair if it becomes dry. The spray bottle should contain water with aloe vera juice or leave-in conditioner. After the style is done, the twists can be re-moistened with coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil or jojoba oil.

To maintain the neatness of the hairstyle, the man should sleep with a satin or silk cap on, because the twists can unravel with movement while sleeping. Wearing hats could also cause the twists to look messy. Twists that are maintained can last several weeks. A man can also add extensions to his hair if he wants the twists to have a look with more length or body.