How Do You Twist Short Hair?

An easy way to twist short hair is to spray it with dry shampoo, stretch it, backcomb it, pin the back sections into a French twist, comb the rest of the hair over the twist and set the style with hairspray. This 20-minute procedure requires a styling comb, a hairbrush, hair pins and dry shampoo.

  1. Section and backcomb the hair

    Gather the hair at the crown of the head, and clip it up. Comb the rest of the hair, and spray it with dry shampoo. Backcomb the hair in sections. Pull the hair away from the head, stretch it taut with one hand and backcomb it with the other. Backcomb each section until the hair stands up by itself.

  2. Brush and pin the left half of the hair

    Brush the hair on the left side of the head. Bring the hair to the back of the head, and place a vertical row of pins just left of the center of the head. Start pinning at the nape of the neck. Place the first pin with the open end up, and the next with the open end facing down. Alternate the pins in this manner until all of the hair is securely fastened.

  3. Create the roll

    Brush the hair on the right side with the same technique you used with the left. Gather all of the hair in your hands, and tuck the ends under to form a vertical roll that covers the existing line of pins. Pin the roll in place, and coat it with hairspray.

  4. Unclip and style the top

    Unclip the hair at the crown of the head, spray it with dry shampoo and backcomb it. Gently brush the hair back, and pin it into the top of the roll. Cover the entire head with hairspray.