How Do You Twist Natural Hair?


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To twist natural hair, moisturize damp hair, and divide it into sections. Take a chunk of hair from one section, split it in two, and twist the strands around each other from the root to the ends. Repeat the process until the entire hair is in twists.

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  1. Wash and moisturize the hair

    Wash and condition the hair, then dry it to the point of dampness. Moisturize the hair with a leave-in conditioner or a natural oil.

  2. Divide the hair into sections

    Divide your hair into six large sections, using a rattail comb or your fingers. Use hair clips to keep the hair separated.

  3. Prepare the hair

    Take one section of hair down from the hair clip, and comb through it with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to remove any tangles. Divide out a small chunk of hair from the section. Apply a small dab of an optional natural hair gel from the roots to the ends.

  4. Twist the hair by sections

    Split the chunk of hair into two even strands, then twist the strands around each other as tightly as you can starting from the root to the ends. Hold the hair strands taut as you twist for plumper twists. Roll the ends between lightly oiled fingers to help the strands coil together, preventing them from unraveling.

  5. Continue twisting the hair

    Repeat the process with the rest of the section, twisting small, even chunks of hair. Continue with the rest of the sections, until the entire head is in twists.

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