How Do You Do a Twist Braid?


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Make a twist braid by gathering hair from the right-hand side of the head and braiding it downward. Bring the completed braid to the left-hand side of the head, and secure it in place by pinning a small bun near the nape of the neck.

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  1. Collect the materials

    Gather a hair brush and bobby pins. Hairspray is optional.

  2. Brush the hair

    Run a brush through the hair to eliminate any knots.

  3. Begin the braid

    Start at the right-hand side of the forehead, and take a piece of hair approximately 2 inches in diameter. Divide the hair into two pieces, and begin winding the separated sections around one another.

  4. Bring the braid to the left

    Continue the braid down the head by adding more pieces of hair from the right-hand side. Twist them around the existing braid. Keep the braid near the hair line, and turn it towards the left-hand side of the head.

  5. Finish with a bun

    Keep braiding until there is no more hair to twist. Style the end of the braid into a small bun. Secure it to the head near the nape of the neck with bobby pins. Leave a few strands loose to enhance the look. Spray the braid and the bun with hairspray if desired.

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