How Do You Twist African Hair?


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Create African-American-style hair twists by twisting sections of hair around itself. Twists last between one and several weeks depending on how well they are maintained.

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You can twist wet or dry hair, depending on preference. Experiment with wet, dry and damp hair to see the different results and pick your favorite look.

Twist hair by section. You can choose how big you want the sections to be, but be sure that the sections are even. Create parts with a rat-tail comb or your fingers. Comb each section of hair with your fingers before twisting and spray with a holding agent such as a product marketed as "twist gel."

Divide the section of hair into two even parts and twist the two sections around each other using a hand-over-hand movement. It's not necessary to twist all sections in the same direction, but if you do not want twists to fall into your face, twist backwards, away from the face. Keep even tension to create a uniform twist.

At the bottom of the twist, dab some oil and squeeze your fingers together. Release your fingers and allow the twist to settle. The twists hold better in natural hair than in hair that has been relaxed. The twists will be thinner or thicker depending on whether the hair was wet or dry at the start of the process.

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