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Tussy deodorant is a brand of deodorant and antiperspirant that has been sold since 1925. It is available in the original cream style and modern roll-on form.

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Tussy deodorant is a popular brand because of its effectiveness at blocking underarm wetness and odors. It is gentle, making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin, and has a fresh, powder-like scent. Tussy is also known for being one of the more inexpensive deodorants. Because of its low price, it's a popular deodorant among seniors on a fixed income, many of whom have used it since they were young.

Though Tussy deodorant is available as a roll-on stick, it was originally made as a cream. The cream form comes in a jar and is applied with the fingers. Though more difficult to apply than a roll-on deodorant, the cream is still popular, and many users report that they use less deodorant when it is in the cream form, which saves them money.

The Tussy brand has been sold to several different owners since 1925, which has made it progressively more difficult to find. As of 2014, Tussy was owned by KCM Brands. It is available primarily at online retailers, such as Amazon, Suite-K and Overstock.

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